he Billion Dollar Broker™ is a title exclusively trademarked by Carol E. Levy, as she is the ONLY real estate broker in the industry who is the WHOLE package. Known as the Queen of Flipping, Carol goes above and beyond by wearing every hat necessary to provide all-inclusive, complimentary services to single-handedly transform properties of all types to substantially increase their value and marketability. Truly an artist, every home is Carol’s canvas to transform into a masterpiece.

From minor stagings to major renovations, Carol, has the trademarked name, "The Makeover Maven™", and has personally transformed over one-thousand home makeovers, from tiny studio apartments to sprawling celebrity mansions. Regardless of her client's budget, Carol will roll up her own sleeves to clean, paint, re-grout, tile -- everything necessary to maximize a property's value by at least 20% and many times over a staggering 300% -- often making her clients millions!

Probably the most unbelievable aspect of Carol's unrivaled services for her clients is the fact that she performs her real estate magic at NO ADDED COST! Her payoff is in being awarded the exclusive listing to sell each residential property or working with each client to whom she has sold a "makeover" property. Incredibly, if a client does not have the funds, Carol is so confident in her expert skills as the flipping Queen, she will even put her own money where her mouth is and personally pay for the transformation herself to dramatically elevate the value!

This may sound too good to be true, but the proven fact is that Carol E. Levy, "The Makeover Maven™", actually does it all and so much more! Treating every home as if it is her own investment, Carol's clients' are always amazed at how her incomparable vision, artistry, talent, expertise and style dramatically increases the value of each and every property she undertakes beyond everyone’s wildest expectations!

As the "go to" expert for all types of national media from television to print, the "The Makeover Maven™" is highly sought after for her talent and unrivaled success in renovating and staging residential properties to make them more valuable, livable, marketable and beautiful.

If you want to make money in real estate with the best and only one in the industry who does it all, contact Carol today.

As "The Makeover Maven™", Carol's extraordinary services include her expertise as:

  1. #1 RANKED BROKER: As NYC's #1 Independent Broker, Carol provides unparalleled knowledge, personal service, passion, marketing and negotiating savvy to buyers, sellers and investors. She skillfully and tenaciously searches for the perfect homes for buyers, expertly markets and achieves record-breaking prices for sellers, and amazingly finds the best properties to flip or rent for investors.
  2. ARTIST/VISIONARY: Carol is immediately able to visualize beyond the existing conditions of a home and create a much more exciting, exquisite, functional and desirable showplace to dramatically increase the value.
  3. CLEANER/DE-CLUTTERER: Carol will personally help her clients de-clutter and clean – including windows, sinks, bathrooms, and more, in order to make every home pristine.
  4. STAGER/DECORATOR: Carol expertly selects and places the appropriate furnishings to "dress-up" every home to maximize its value, including hanging wall art, purchasing flowers and plants, and even provides finishing touches such as vases, sculptures, and posters from her own stock room of furnishings. Also, she personally supervises the move-in and move-out of the rental furniture, as well as the entire cleaning process.
  5. ARCHITECT: Carol personally reconfigures a property's layout with an instinctive eye to create a new floor plan that dramatically increases each home's value.
  6. INTERIOR DESIGNER: Carol personally assesses each property and designs new kitchens, bathrooms, closets, lighting etc., and chooses the perfect materials and supplies including stone, tile, flooring, moldings, paint, cabinets, appliances, sinks, faucets, medicine cabinets, toilets, lighting, etc.
  7. EXTERIOR DESIGNER: Carol personally chooses and plants outdoor flowers and plants to create lush terraces, balconies, backyards and patios.
  8. PROJECT MANAGER: Carol personally chooses the most qualified contractor and architect to prepare the final draft of the plans she develops, according to the budget, and personally oversees the project with as much care as if it were her own home renovation.
  9. EXPEDITOR: Carol personally handles the entire approval process and documentation involved in procuring permits and approvals from each building's Board of Directors, New York City's Department of Buildings and New York City's Department of Landmarks.
  10. OWNER'S REPRESENTATIVE: Carol personally manages all aspects of the entire project as the owner's representative, from start to finish, including those owners who do not live in New York.